The Courtneys – 90210

Vancouver pop-rock trio The Courtneys have unveiled the video for their latest single, 90210. The band bring their instruments and friends to the beach and thrash it out in a really feel-good video. Please can it be Summer already? Grab your copy of the track via their Bandcamp.

How to destroy angels_ – How Long?

Trent Reznor’s excellent How to destroy angels_ project release their first full length LP Welcome Oblivion on March 5 via Columbia Records. The group dropped their brilliant self-titled debut EP back in 2010 and another quality EP, An omen, last year. Both releases are nothing short of quality so check them out if you haven’t already. Here’s… Read more »

Young Buffalo – Upstairs

Mississippi indie rockers Young Buffalo released their brilliant self-titled EP last November, grab it here on iTunes. The band have a really tight indie-pop style and their most of the tracks on this EP are really enjoyable. One of the standout tracks on the EP is ‘Upstairs’ and the band have just dropped a dope… Read more »

Autre Ne Veut – Play by Play

Here’s the new single from Autre Ne Veut, taken from his forthcoming debut LP Anxiety which drops February 26 on Software/Mexican Summer. ‘Play By Play’ is a ridiculously smooth Electro/R&B track that would make even the likes of heavyweights Prince and Usher lose their shit. Check out it’s very retro video below. I’m hooked.

Neighbors – Way to Go

‘Way To Go’ is the ridiculously fun and catchy new single from Brooklyn-based outfit Neighbors. The video for it is absolutely brilliant too, make sure you check it out. Way To Go- Neighbors from Like Like on Vimeo.

Video: The Knife – Full Of Fire

Well here it is, in all its entirety, ‘Full Of Fire’ the long-awaited new track from The Knife. It’s got a pretty mental 10 minute long video to accompany it too. Dig in. Shaking The Habitual is out April 8.

Dirty Beaches – Love is the Devil

Alex Zhang Hungtai of Dirty Beaches last night shared a beautiful, yet heart-wrenching instrumental from his forthcoming double LP Drifters/Love Is The Devil. “Love is a fog that burns with the first daylight of reality.” – Charles Bukowski This title track has blood&tears all over it and is the sound of my empty self. I need… Read more »

Iceage – Ecstasy

Iceage have unveiled the video for their new track ‘Ecstasy’. It’s a pretty chaotic track/video featuring some fighting dogs, drinking and fires, you know the usual. The track will open their upcoming new album You’re Nothing, which drops February 18 on Matador Records.

Memoryhouse – Shades Of Our Life

It’s almost a year since Memoryhouse released their brilliant debut The Sideshow Effect, and the duo have kindly shared a really pretty new track via their website called ‘Shades Of Our Life’. I’ve always been a fan of their style of bedroom produced dream-pop but this is just beautiful.