The Magic Gang

Soph Nathan – Our Girl

Soph Nathan are a trio from Brighton comprised of Soph Nathan, Josh Tyler and Nick Klar. Their excellent debut track Our Girl was recorded by Gus and Kris of The Magic Gang. There’s plenty to love about this track, particularly those warm and hazy shoegaze vibes. Check it out. The track is available as a… Read more »

The Magic Gang – She Won’t Ghost 

Brighton indie-rockers The Magic Gang are a band I don’t hear enough of. I first came across these guys last year when I stumbled on a track by them called With My Baby, and I pretty much loved everything about it. They’re back on my radar in a big way this month, thanks to the recent Beech Coma compilation,… Read more »

Paeris Giles – Better

Since I’ve had Real Estate’s Atlas pretty much on repeat since it came out last month, imagine my delight when I stumbled on this absolute gem by The Magic Gang’s Paeris Giles. Better is just over two minutes of woozy, sun-kissed loveliness that fans of Captured Tracks finest acts will surely enjoy. Dig in. Better set to appear… Read more »

YRRS – Pretty Neat

The Brighton rock scene really is alive and kicking at the minute! TRAAMS may be leading the line, but there is no shortage of emerging and exciting talent. Take this new one by Brighton based duo YRRS, it’s called Pretty Neat and it’s an absolute thumper. Check it out.

The Magic Gang – With My Baby

Aside from the fact that both the tunes they’ve uploaded onto SoundCloud are awesome, little else is known about The Magic Gang. Their latest offering, With My Baby is a really cool track that clock’s in at just over two minutes in length. It’s short and sweet, but its got that 60’s style garage rock… Read more »