Launder – Fade

LA-based musician Launder releases his debut EP Pink Cloud on March 23. The EP’s first track Fade was produced by Day Wave, and features DIIV‘s Zachary Cole Smith on guitar and SoKo on vocals.

Ryan Vail – Grow

Grow is the brooding new single by Derry-based producer/vocalist Ryan Vail and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Katie Cosgrove. If you’re familiar with Ryan Vail and his style of music, i.e the minimal instrumentals, hushed vocals and somber piano, then Grow will go down like a treat. Ryan Vail drops the Grow EP on May 5 through Champion Sound Recordings.

Ryan Vail – Free

Ryan Vail and Katie Cosgrove, who first caught my attention back in February with Fade, have another dark and fascinating single out titled Free. Free, again sees both multi-instrumentals incorporating an array of styles into their music, ranging from classical to electronic, and in the process creating something that sounds very beautiful. The duo are currently… Read more »

Ryan Vail – Fade

Ryan Vail is an Irish duo comprised of multi-instrumentalists and vocalists Ryan Vail and Katie Cosgrove. They have just shared the beautiful title track from their forthcoming new Fade EP. Fade is a perfectly composed slow-burner, that is drenched in melancholia but becomes more and more endearing as it unfolds. A stunning release. Fade is due this April through Champion Sound… Read more »