Julia Holter – Silhouette

On March 31, Julia Holter’s In The Same Room – the first official Domino Documents – will be released. A new imprint, Domino Documents is an irregular series of live studio recordings designed to capture the ever-evolving arrangements of Domino artists and their bands in high fidelity.

Named after a song from Holter’s 2012 album Ekstasis, In The Same Room is the fruit of two days recording by Julia and her tremendous band (Corey Fogel – drums/vocals; Dina Maccabee – viola/vocals and Devin Hoff – bass) at RAK Studios in the days after their main stage performance at Green Man Festival in Wales last year.

Having previously shared re-workings of Horns Surrounding Me and So Lillies, Holter now shares the new version of Silhouette, originally on her 2015 breakthrough album Have You In My Wilderness.

In The Same Room | Tracklisting:

1 Horns Surrounding Me
2 So Lillies
3 Silhouette
4 How Long
5 Feel You
6 Lucette Stranded on the Island
7 In the Green Wild
8 City Appearing
9 Vasquez
10 Betsy on the Roof
11 Sea Calls Me Home

Julia Holter’s forthcoming live studio album In The Same Room is out March 31 on Domino Records.

Fleet Foxes – Third of May / Ōdaigahara

Fleet Foxes will release their long-awaited and highly-anticipated third album Crack-Up on June 16 via Nonesuch Records.

Crack-Up comes six years after the 2011 release of Helplessness Blues and nearly a decade since the band’s 2008 self-titled debut.

All eleven of the songs on Crack-Up were written by Robin Pecknold. The album was co-produced by Pecknold and Skyler Skjelset, his longtime bandmate, collaborator, and childhood friend. Crack-Up was recorded at various locations across the United States between July 2016 and January 2017: at Electric Lady Studios, Sear Sound, The Void, Rare Book Room, Avast, and The Unknown.

Fleet Foxes has released the album track Third of May / Ōdaigahara, a nearly nine-minute epic powered by piano and electric twelve-string guitar, string quartet, and the group’s trademark sparkling harmonies. Listen to it up above.

Crack-Up is out June 16 on Nonesuch Records. Pre-order here.

Forest Swords – The Highest Flood

Forest Swords, aka acclaimed Merseyside-based producer Matthew Barnes, returns with his eagerly anticipated new single The Highest Flood, out today via Ninja Tune.

One of Barnes’ most urgent tracks to date, layering a thumping, staggered, skeletal beat with deconstructed piano fragments and a hook that sculpts choral samples into a rapturous battle cry. Veering between claustrophobia and euphoria, Barnes continues his bleeding of the line between sorrow and ecstasy, and with The Highest Flood, the first taster of his new material, there’s a new-found, raw sense of immediacy.

“It’s a challenge to navigate the world we’re living in now and I’ve been thinking a lot about the ways we need to forge new paths in language, communication and our connection with the natural world – it’s becoming more and more important to try and steer these in a positive direction” says Barnes of the track. “‘The Highest Flood’ distills some of the frustration and hope that I’ve been working through over the past 18 months whilst making new material.”

The single is the long awaited first studio material since 2013’s critically lauded debut album Engravings. The Highest Flood is out now on Ninja Tune.

Beach Fossils – This Year

Beach Fossils have announced their forthcoming new album, Somersault, will be released on June 2 via Bayonet Records, and shared the first single, This Year.

Beach Fossils’ Dustin Payseur says This Year is “about facing mistakes you’ve made, aiming to work on it and better yourself, but ending up making the same mistakes again. It’s kind of an endless loop. People always aim to make New Year’s resolutions, get a fresh start, but ultimately fall back into these old bad habits.”

The album opener begins as an upbeat, breezy number built on a dynamic mix of guitar, bass and drums. The incorporation of string arrangements after the first chorus takes the song to soaring new heights. With the band’s expanded sonic palette, it’s an exciting preview of the rest of the album.

Somersault showcases a band in bloom. Charting into new musical territory with a refined songwriting style, it’s an album that captures flashes of life in New York grounded in personal experience. The band’s self-titled 2010 debut established a sound that was both minimal and enveloping. With Somersault, the group’s first release since 2013’s Clash the Truth, Beach Fossils have channeled years of experimentation into expansion and reinvention. Augmented with more complex instrumentation, including string arrangements, piano, harpsichord, flute, and sax, the new songs offer multi-layered pop guided by sharp, poignant, and honest lyrics.

Beach Fossils’ new album Somersault is out June 2 on Bayonet Records. Pre-order here.

Somersault | Tracklisting:

1. This Year
2. Tangerine (feat. Rachel Goswell)
3. Saint Ivy
4. May 1st
5. Rise (feat. Cities Aviv)
6. Sugar
7. Closer Everywhere
8. Social Jetlag
9. Down The Line
10. Be Nothing
11. That’s All For Now