Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – A Song Of Summer

Brooklyn, NY-based artist / multi-instrumentalist Jefre Cantu-Ledesma releases his new album On the Echoing Green on June 16 via Mexican Summer.

Conceived as an experiment in collaboration, On The Echoing Green is eight rapturous and melodic slow dives of swirling guitar, bass, synthesizer, piano, and drum machines, accented by heavenly vocal arcs from Argentinian musician Sobrenadar and contributions from Alexis Georgopoulous and Byron Westbrook.

The first strains of On The Echoing Green are experienced through A Song of Summer, a ten-minute excursion that churns Cantu-Ledesma’s melodic guitar through cyclical back drops of rhythmic reason and dissonant white noise.

On the Echoing Green is out June 16 on Mexican Summer. Pre-order here.

Nick Hakim – Green Twins

Today, New York artist Nick Hakim shares the second single and title track from his debut album, Green Twins, due for release on May 19 via ATO Records. The anticipated album follows his breakthrough Where Will We Go, Pt. I & II EPs that were self-released on his Earseed Records.

Each track on the album peels back a particular aspect of his life. He notes that, “a lot of it is what I was thinking in the moment, very specific songs… many of them are like self-portraits.“ He says of Green Twins, “I also felt the need to push my creativity in a different way than I had on the EPs.” The record draws from influences spanning Robert Wyatt, Marvin Gaye and Shuggie Otis to My Bloody Valentine. “We wanted to imagine what it would have sounded like if RZA had produced a Portishead album. We experimented with engineering techniques from Phil Spector and Al Green’s Back Up Train, drum programming from RZA and Outkast, and were listening to a lot of The Impressions, John Lennon, Wu-Tang, Madlib, and Screaming Jay Hawkins.”

Hakim’s debut comes as the culmination of years chiselling his skills as a musician. Hailing from Washington, D.C., he grew up in a musical household—his older brother introduced him to bands like Bad Brains and Nirvana, and his parents exposed him to Nueva canción—while he set out on his own to discover the DC music scene. He didn’t take an interest in learning an instrument until high school, when he taught himself to play the keys. After graduation, he moved to Boston to continue his study of music. In the time since moving to Brooklyn and setting to work for three years on Green Twins, he embraced the live circuit, both as a solo musician and with his band, whom he’s brought together from within his community in Boston and New York.

Green Twins is out May 19 on ATO Records. Pre-order here.

Amber Arcades – Can’t Say That We Tried

Amber Arcades, the moniker of Dutch-born musician Annelotte De Graaf, unveil new single, Can’t Say That We Tried, taken from the forthcoming Cannonball EP.

Songwriter Annelotte De Graaf says of the song, “I feel like a lot of times when I am attracted to a certain person or situation, it is not so much the person or situation itself but more my idea of what they represent, and this idea does not necessarily represent reality in any way. Getting to know people is scary because it necessarily requires you to bury your idealised version of a person and thereby bury a little piece of yourself or your childlike dreams maybe. But then again if you run away the moment someone doesn’t seem to nicely conform to your idealised vision you can’t really say you’ve tried or given anything a fair shot.”

Amber Arcades will release their brand new five track EP Cannonball on June 2 via Heavenly Recordings.

The EP was recorded at Strange Weather Studio in New York with producer Ben Greenberg whilst the band were on tour and is the first new release since last year’s critically acclaimed debut album, Fading Lines. Pre-order here.

Mount Kimbie – We Go Home Together (ft. James Blake)

Mount Kimbie (the duo of Dominic Maker and Kai Campos) have returned with We Go Home Together, a new song featuring guest vocals from James Blake.

The track, which is available now on Warp Records, is accompanied by a short film directed by artistic collaborator Frank Lebon.

The new track and video comes along with the news that Mount Kimbie will tour North America shortly and that they will be relaunching their residency on London’s NTS Radio, which is expected to feature appearances by James Blake, Julia Holter, Connan Mockasin, Savages, Actress, Ash Koosha, and more. The shows will run on April 5 and 19, and May 3 and 17.

We Go Home Together is the first new Mount Kimbie material since their 2013 album, Cold Spring Fault Less Youth. Get it here.