Carla dal Forno – The Garden

Carla dal Forno has announced her forthcoming new EP The Garden will be released on 6 October via Blackest Ever Black. Pre-order here.

The Garden: an EP from Carla dal Forno containing four new, obliquely confessional dispatches from the edge zones of feeling. It marks both a refinement of the dub-damaged, inward-looking bedsit pop essayed on her 2016 debut album You Know What It’s Like, and an evolutionary leap. More than anything, it represents the full flowering of an effortlessly brilliant and uniquely resourceful songwriter, singer and producer – one with the uncanny gift of creating music which feels immediately as though you’ve known it, or it’s known you, all your life.

The EP’s title track – and it’s clear climax – pays tribute to Einsturzende Neubauten’s song of the same name, but shifts the action to night-time, and brings an acutely female perspective to bear on it: here the garden is a place of beauty and refuge, sure, but also one of hidden menace and threat…things that lurk. dal Forno has never sounded so emotionally eloquent, and at the same time ‘The Garden’ is without doubt her most subtly psychedelic production to date. Her glissando bassline and understated synth-work powerfully evoke the moonlight, the dew and the dark boughs, while her cut-glass vocals – still romantically inclined but freighted with adult self-knowledge, adult fear – summon the Tracey Thorn of Walking Wounded and Massive Attack’s Protection, but have their own character, occupy their own space in the aether.

What makes The Garden so satisfying is how decisively it moves away from the post-punk/lo-fi sensibilities of You Know What It’s Like, without vacating them entirely. You could still call this a DIY record – dal Forno wrote, played, arranged and recorded every note herself. And you could still call it a bedroom record – that’s where it all happened. But in calling it either, you’d be doing a disservice to the musical and technical accomplishments of dal Forno’s flawless, fully-realised dream-pop. The Garden is a compact masterpiece from a remarkable artist who – frighteningly, excitingly – has only just begun to hit her stride.

Classixx – Possessive

Classixx, the Los Angeles-based project of producers Tyler Blake and Michael David, return with a shimmery new track, titled Possessive. The track follows the duo’s recent album recent album Faraway Reach which was released last year on Innovative Leisure.

In their own words: “For the final days of summer, we’re giving out a new track to extend the pool party. We made this for fun with some help from our friend Vaughn Oliver.”

Download it for free here.