Ecstasy – White Limos

Ecstasy are an electronic/indie group hailing from London who only just formed in September of 2012. I just stumbled upon their latest song, ‘White Limos’, and it’s really good. It could easily be mistaken for a M83 or MGMT track with its euphoric vocals, hypnotic synths and beats but they’re definitely doing their own thing here. Ecstasy are currently unsigned. Expect to hear more from them this year.

TORRES – Honey


Every once in a while a song comes along and leaves such an impact on you, you are literally left speechless and the only thing you still manage to do properly is to hit repeat over and over again. TORRES is the moniker of 22 year old singer-songwriter Mackenzie Scott, she hails from Nashville, Tennessee. This evening I stumbled upon ‘Honey’ and I’ve got to be honest, it has absolutely floored me and I’ve been struggling to stop playing it ever since. “This cannot happen again,” she begins, “twice in a year is too much.” she sings over a single guitar strum before lashing out the lines “Honey, while you were ashing in your coffee, I was thinking of telling you’ve what you done to me.” Some heavy lines, and an overall brilliant track. Check it out.
Her debut album drops January 22.