Mt. Wolf – Hypolight

Hypolight is the stunning new single from Mt. Wolf, and it’s the latest by the London-based four piece that has completely and utterly blown me away. Mt. Wolf surfaced last year with their debut EP Life Size Ghosts, and on the back of its brilliant title track they were tipped for a big 2013. They release their Hypolight EP later this year, and its first single is again the title track. Kate Sproule’s vocals on Hypolight are simply gorgeous, and they’ve repeatably sent shivers down my spine with listen after listen. The 1:10 minute mark in particular, where her voice truly blossoms, is perhaps the most breath-taking vocal performance of 2013 so far. Outstanding.

PYYRAMIDS – Do You Think You’re Enough?

PYYRAMIDS are back with their banging new track ‘Do You Think You’re Enough?’. PYYRAMIDS are Tim Nordwind of OK Go and Drea Smith of He Say/She Say. They initially caught my attention last month with a catchy electro-pop number called Don’t Go. What I really like about this duo, aside from Smith’s vocals, is their obvious ear for a hook. ‘Do You Think You’re Enough?’ is a pulsating blast of indie-pop that becomes exhilarating the more you play it. These guys are brilliant!

Vampire Weekend Announce New Album Details

Vampire Weekend have revealed the album cover and track-list for Modern Vampires of the City. The album is out May 7 on XL Recordings and it’ll be the first offering from the band since their excellent 2010 LP Contra.

1) Obvious Bicycle
2) Unbelievers
3) Step
4) Diane Young
5) Don’t Lie
6) Hannah Hunt
7) Everlasting Arms
8) Finger Back
9) Worship You
10) Ya Hey
11) Hudson
12) Young Lion

The band revealed the new album title in a typically clever fashion by putting an add in the New York Times classified section…

How to destroy angels_ – How Long?

Trent Reznor’s excellent How to destroy angels_ project release their first full length LP Welcome Oblivion on March 5 via Columbia Records. The group dropped their brilliant self-titled debut EP back in 2010 and another quality EP, An omen, last year. Both releases are nothing short of quality so check them out if you haven’t already.
Here’s the video to their new single How Long?

Dick Diver – Water Damage

I’m really enjoying the new single, ‘Water Damage’, by Melbourne-based indie-rock group Dick Diver. ‘Water Damage’ is taken from the bands forthcoming LP Calender Days. It’s a really refreshing piece of laid back indie that I must have played about 7 times in a row, and will play again many times until the football kicks off at 3pm. I’m particularly liking the guitar playing by Alastair McKay and Rupert Edwards. If you’re a fan of the likes of Real Estate and Yo La Tengo, then you should dig this.

Carnivals – Kindness / Swallow The Sky

Sheffield-based experimental electronic producer Stew Green, aka Carnivals, has kicked off his 2013 with the release of an excellent double A-side for ‘Kindness’ and ‘Swallow The Sky’. ‘Kindness’ is a glimmering and confident track outlining this producers unique style in incorporating rich cascading soundscapes with stylish electronic beats. The second track ‘Swallow The Sky’ is more atmospheric and ambient, with some very pretty piano playing and ghost-like vocals throughout. Download both tracks on his Bandcamp.