James Blake – Every Day I Ran (feat Big Boi) & Take A Fall For Me (feat RZA)

James Blake will release his new album Overgrown next week, if you follow Silver Soundz you’ll have heard Retrograde, And Holy GhostVoyeur (Dub) & Digital Lion. Today, James Blake kindly shared another two new tracks, both sounding unlike anything we’ve ever heard by him.
The first track, Every Day I Ran, is an Overgrown bonus track and it features a chopped and warped Big Boi sample. The second track, Take A Fall For Me, features a guest rap from Wu-Tang legend RZA. Both of them sound fantastic.
Overgrown is shaping up to be another stunning release and, aside from the fact that every track we’ve heard from it sounds incredible, Blake again seems to be pushing himself into breaking new ground with everything he creates.

Listen to Every Day I Ran (feat Big Boi)

Listen to Take A Fall For Me (feat RZA)

Overgrown is out April 9 on Atlas/Republic.

Gambles – Far From Your Arms

Take four minutes out of your afternoon schedule today and introduce yourself to Matthew Siskin, otherwise known as Gambles, you won’t regret it.
Far From Your Arms is his exceptionally powerful new acoustic ballad, and it’s one of the most stark, honest and beautifully written folk songs I have heard in years.
I’ll be honest, upon hearing the opening verse I was absolutely floored and I found myself unable to write about it until now. With only a barely strummed acoustic guitar, it’s Gambles lyrics that hit the hardest here. While some of the lyrics may suggest Siskin is resentful or bitter, it’s moments like the verse below that tell a different tale.

“But through these roads I move to you, heels dragging slow but they drag for you, on the sound of a heart stretched far so wide, you breath my lungs stand by my side.”

Gambles debut Far From Your Arms EP is out May 7.

Zomby – W I T H L O V E

Zomby, who has a new album arriving this Summer, has just dropped a haunting new track entitled W I T H L O V E. It’s the first offering of new material from the producer since he released his Nothing EP back in 2011. I’m probably posting this track at the wrong time of day as its dark ambient feel would probably be more suited to the night owls. Anyway, a new Zomby track is always worth checking out and this is no different. Dig in.

His forthcoming album will be released through 4AD. Fingers crossed we’ll get it soon.

Each Other – Certain Happenings

Montreal-based psych-rockers Each Other are back with an awesome new tune entitled Certain Happenings. I’m really digging the laid-back vibes I’m getting off this track, and the guitars sound great especially the David Longstreth style breakdown on  the 2:39 minute mark. The suns out, and this tune is just perfect for the mood I’m in. Don’t sleep on this one.

Daft Punk & The Creators Project: Giorgio Moroder

Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories is arguably the most anticipated release of the 2013. Well here’s something to get you that little bit more stoked for its May 21 release.
Intel/Vice Creators Project have a series of interviews with the people who collaborated with Daft Punk on the album. Here’s the first episode which features producer Giorgio Moroder as well as a few bits of new material from Daft Punk. Definitely worth checking out.

Superfood – Superfood

Many thanks to Skeletory for turning my attention to Superfood, another Birmingham band making awesome music. Here’s their storming self-titled debut single. It’s a pretty cool throwback to Brit-pop and that carefree melody is just class. Dig in.

Download the track for free in exchange for an email here.

Deerhunter – Monomania

Deerhunter have unveiled the awesome title track from their forthcoming new album, Monomania, one of the most highly anticipated new releases of 2013.

Deerhunter’s last album, Halcyon Digest, was one of the albums of 2010 so it’s fair to say people are going to have high expectations for this track. Monomania is an absolutely blistering return from the Atlanta rockers. A ferociously catchy slice of garage-rock with a melody that’s gonna get drilled into your head. I’m on my seventh straight play now and I’m totally stoked for the rest of the LP now.

Monomania drops May 6 on 4AD.

Deerhunter turned in a blistering performance of Monomania on the Fallon Show that nobody will be forgetting anytime soon. Check it out.

Little Daylight – Name In Lights

New York City trio Little Daylight follow-up their excellent debut single, Overdose, with another very infectious electro-pop tune entitled Name The Lights. You may have been noticing Little Daylight pop up on quite a number of ace remixes over the past couple of months, they’ve remixed Freelance Whales, Niki & The Dove, Temper Trap and The Neighbourhood. Their remix of Passion Pit’s Constant Conversations was a particular highlight for me.
On Name The Lights, the build on the buzz created with Overdose and carry on doing what they seemingly do best, that is knocking out great tunes with excellent pop hooks. This track suits the fantastic weather we’re getting at the moment too, so give it a whirl.