Download After Dark 2 For Free

Johnny Jewel has made the recent Italians Do It Better compilation, After Dark 2 available for free download. I recently bought a copy and I can honestly say it’s one of the best records of the year. Make sure you check this one out.

After Dark II:

01 Glass Candy – “Warm in the Winter”
02 Desire – “Tears From Heaven”
03 Mirage – “Let’s Kiss”
04 Appaloosa – “Fill the Blanks”
05 Chromatics – “Looking for Love”
06 Symmetry – “Heart of Darkness”
07 Chromatics – “Camera”
08 Twisted Wires – “Half Lives”
09 Glass Candy – “The Possessed”
10 Chromatics – “Cherry”
11 Glass Candy – “Beautiful Object”
12 Farah – “Into Eternity”
13 Appaloosa – “Intimate”
14 Mike Simonetti – “The Magician”
15 Glass Candy – “Redheads Feel More Pain”


Washed Out – It All Feels Right

Ernest Greene will follow-up his exquisite 2011 debut LP, Within and Without later this year with his highly anticipated sophomore effort Paracosm. Today marks the official return of Washed Out, as Greene shared his simply gorgeous new single, It All Feels Right. One listen to this track, and any doubts you had about whether his next album would be as good as his last will disappear. This is Washed Out at his very best. It All Feels Right, for me, is this years Feels Like We Always Go Backwards. Good to have you back Ernest.

Paracosm will be released on August 12 via Sub Pop.

Paracosm Tracklist:
01. Entrance
02. It All Feels Right
03. Don’t Give Up
04. Weightless
05. All I Know
06. Great Escape
07. Paracosm
08. Falling Back
09. All Over Now

Forest Swords – Thor’s Stone

It’s been almost three years since the enigmatic Forest Swords last released new material, but producer Matthew Barnes made his return this week with a dark and eerie number entitled Thor’s Stone.
Thor’s Stone boasts some ancient, almost far eastern style soundscapes as well as a synth-line that seems to be some sort of a variation of a broken trumpet. It sounds kind of mental I know, but it works, and the results are surprisingly beautiful. The last two minutes are particularly good.

Chromatics – Red Car

Scion celebrates its 10-year anniversary by releasing Scion 10, a free compilation featuring previously unreleased tracks by the likes of Poolside, Harry Fraud and Chromatics. Below you can download Red Car, a song Chromatics chose to leave off their exquisite 2012 debut Kill For Love. The fact the group chose to leave this track off their album only shows how strong their back catalog is.

Stream the song below, and download the rest of the compilation here.

Nine Inch Nails – Came Back Haunted

Nine Inch Nails return with Came Back Haunted, the lead single from their upcoming new album Hesitation Marks, which will be release on September 3. It’s been five years since NIN released their last album, The Slip, in 2008. Trent Reznor announced the following year that the band would be going away for a long while following a “farewell” tour. He then formed How to destroy angels_ with his wife Mariqueen MaandigAtticus Ross and Rob Sheridan, and together they released two very solid EPs and an excellent album, entitled Welcome Oblivion.

Anyway, NIN are back. Take a listen to Came Back Haunted below.

Below is a playlist Trent Reznor created on Soundcloud featuring every NIN single since 1989.

Jungle – Platoon

Platoon is the impressive debut single from Chess Club Records’ exciting new signing, Jungle. At the moment there is little info about the group, other than the fact they’re from London, but Platoon should be enough to keep you going for the time being. Platoon is a funky little number that sees the group including a wide range of influences into the mix, reminiscent to the likes of Tv on the Radio and Gorillaz. It’s as catchy as it is funky, and I really think you’ll all like it.

Jungle will release a double-A-side single on July 15th through Chess Club Records, featuring the tracks Platoon and Drops.

Treasureseason – Don’t Hold Back

Here’s the new one by British/Swedish Dream Pop duo Treasureseason, it’s called Don’t Hold Back and it’s really rather lovely. If you were as fond of their recent release, Puget Sound, then you’re going to fall pretty hard for this one too. David Powell and Ida Olsson’s formula of pairing dreamy and blissed-out instrumentals with lush females vocals isn’t something that’s never been done before, but when listening to Don’t Hold Back, they both manage to make everything sound so fresh and new.

Thanks to Gold Flake Paint for premiering the track.

Beck – Defriended

Well this has sort of come out of the blue, some unexpected new material by the one and only Beck. Rolling Stone magazine have reported that apparently Beck has another album in the works, besides the acoustic album penned for a release this year, to act as a proper follow-up to 2009’s Modern Guilt (an album that I really loved). His latest offering, Defriended, won’t feature on either album and will instead act as a stand alone single available later this Summer. Stream the very excellent Defriended below. Good to have to back, Beck.


The End, the latest offering by CYMBALS, was inspired by singer Jack Cleverly’s time in Paris and by the Parisian clubs of the 90s. According to Cleverly, The End is “about the night and the night out, about being young, and being the only one, and then, suddenly being older.” The London four-piece are on a roll at the moment with a string of pretty solid singles like The Natural World and Like An Animal, and The End is yet another shimmering seven-minute-long offering of disco-infused electro-pop. They’re becoming one of the most exciting acts around.

The End drops on July 22nd via Tough Love, and will feature alongside Like An Animal and The Natural World on their forthcoming album, which is due later this year.