Okkervil River – It Was My Season

Along with the new that they’ll be releasing a new record later this year, the ever-dependable Okkervil River have just shared a brilliant new single, called It Was My Season.
The groups seventh studio album, The Silver Gymnasium, will be their first for ATO Records and it’s due out on September 3.



XXYYXX – Pay Attention

Fresh from his European tour, XXYYXX is giving us a preview of what his forthcoming sophomore album might sound like with his latest offering, Pay Attention. The bright synths on this track, which are notably more melodic than his usual productions, remind me of some of the finer moments on Flying Lotus’ Until The Quiet Comes, and that minimal beat is just so smooth.

No release dates have been confirmed yet, but the album will drop later this year through Relief in Abstract.

Kanye West – Blood On The Leaves

Taken from Kanye West’s colossal new album, Yeezus, Blood On The Leaves was produced by TNGHT and features an unforgettable Nina Simone sample. Check it out.
Anyone who had any fears that Yeezy couldn’t top My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy are about to be floored by this. That trademark TNGHT beat, paired with one of Kanye’s finest use of a soul sample to date sounds absolutely incredible. This is going to be nuts live.

Yeezus drops tomorrow through Def Jam.

Yeezy taught you well.

Lovelier Other – Wonderkind

Having unfortunately let their previous releases, Hidden Shelters and my personal favourite Leave This Behind, slip beneath my radar I wasn’t going to make the same mistake with Wonderkind, the gorgeous new single by Lovelier Other. Wonderkind is another elegant and heart-warming release by the duo, who are set to release their debut EP, Effort, later this Summer. The melodies are a dream, and the gentle instrumentals will soothe any Monday blues you might have lingering. If you haven’t already stumbled upon Lovelier Other, listen to their stuff below, it’ll be worth it.

Hidden Shelters

Leave This Behind



Co-pilgrim – Sialo

It’s taken me far too long to get around to listening to Sialo, the charming new single by Co-pilgrim, but it was well worth the wait. Sialo is such a nice and upbeat song, that breezes along almost effortlessly. Singer Mike Gale has the kind of voice you’d never tire of listening to, like Nick Drake or Stuart Murdoch of Belle and Sebastian. The harmonies on this track are just lovely, and so are the melodies. Take a listen to the track below, and tell me what you make of it.

Fort Romeau – Jetée

Jetée is the simply gorgeous new single by London-based mid-tempo house producer Fort Romeau. Having recently signed with Ghostly International, this is Fort Romeau’s first single since his stunning 2012 debut, KingdomsJetée is almost seven minutes of gorgeous, muli-layered House that seems to get better and better with each play. The melodies shimmer beautifully over some pretty smooth late night style beats, and that subtle vocal loop becomes utterly hypnotic. Tune of the week.

The single’s out June 24. Pre-order via Ghostly.

No Age – C’mon Stimmung

LA noise-punk duo No Age have ended the long wait for new music and have returned with C’mon Stimmung, the gritty lead single from their upcoming fourth album, No Object. Randy Randall and Dean Allen Spunt will release the follow-up to 2010’s Everything in Between on August 19 through Sub Pop, and haven’t released anything from it until now. C’mon Stimmung is a blistering return by the duo, and the raw and abrasive stylings of this track is unmistakably No Age. It’s a straightforward enough punk thrasher, but there’s few out there who can do it better, to be honest. Take a listen to the tune below.

Look for pre-order details for An Object next week, over at Sub Pop Records.

Todd Terje – Strandbar (disko)

Norwegian disco producer Todd Terje is back with an absolutely incredible new single, called Strandbar (disko). Meaning Beach Bar in Norwegian, Strandbar (disko) is almost nine minutes of non-stop disco beats, euphoric pianos and one ridiculously funky bassline. Try keep still for this one.

Strandbar is available now, digitally and as a 12-inch, through Terje’s own imprint, Olsen Records.