Video: Ben Frost – Threshold Of Faith

Ben Frost has announced details of his fifth studio album, The Centre Cannot Hold, out September 29 on Mute.

The Centre Cannot Hold was recorded over ten days by Steve Albini in Chicago. The music exists not in space, but in a space; it is a document of an event, of a room, and of the composer within it. It is music that is not fully controlled and appears to be anxiously, often violently competing against its creator.

An exercise in limitation and chromatic saturation, The Centre Cannot Hold is an attempt at transcribing a spectrum of glowing ultramarine into sound.

Accompanying this announcement is the video for Threshold Of Faith, the opening cut from the new album. This arresting visual offering is a new collaboration shot in the winter of 2016 in Reykjavík, Iceland with conceptual documentary photographer Richard Mosse and cinematographer Trevor Tweeten.

Ben Frost released Threshold Of Faith, a seven-track 12” and digital EP, last month.


ZOMBY, one of the UK’s most enigmatic electronic producers, releases with his forthcoming EP GASP! on September 8 via Big Dada. The three-track EP follows last year’s Ultra album. Pre-order here.

ZOMBY’s ability to effortlessly shift aesthetics across his career has firmly stationed him as a producer that can’t be boxed, and “GASP!” sees him altering his often jungle-driven sound yet again, furthering him as a sonic chameleon among an ever-increasing landscape of musical similitude.

In his signature spirit of cryptic variety, “GASP!” explores another tectonic revision in ZOMBY’s style. Utilizing analog equipment that was recorded live to a digital surface, he says, “I was tired of too much digitisation and over-saturation; this is a work that represents a shift forward for me”. A shift forward indeed, the compact, 3-track EP is a relentless, hardware-driven behemoth of beats and breaks that fit somewhere between a chugging steel factory and a darkened dancefloor.

Grouper – Children

Grouper has shared a stunning new song, titled Children, recorded during the RUINS sessions. Liz Harris wrote in a statement:

“Towards the end of making RUINS I wrote a song that never made it onto the album. Though it felt aesthetically similar, something about the content and energy felt distinct in a way that didn’t fit the rest of the music. I pushed it away, unsure what to do with it, and eventually forgot I’d recorded it. This year, amidst chaotic and painful political times, while working on another project, it reemerged and made more sense.”

As with all purchases today, Bandcamp will donate their cut to the Transgender Law Center. In addition, Harris will donate all proceeds from the track today to the Silvia Rivera Law CenterTransgender Law Center and the Trans Assistance Project.

Widowspeak – When I Tried

Brooklyn-based dream-pop outfit Widowspeak release their forthcoming new studio-album Expect The Best on August 25 via Captured Tracks. Pre-order here

Expect the Best is the follow up to 2015’s All Yours. While previous albums were conceived as a duo with lead guitarist Robert Earl Thomas, the new LP finds Widowspeak playing to the specific strengths of the current touring incarnation (James Jano on drums, Willy Muse on bass).

The album, recorded by Kevin MacMahon (Swans, Real Estate), exhibits a marked increase in energy that reflects the band’s live show and the organic way it was created: by four people in a room together. The band collectively navigate dynamic changes with subtlety and restraint; the nine tracks here reach highs of wide-eyed lushness and plumb the depths of resigned melancholy. Their usual palette of dusty guitars and angular twang are still here front and center, but now with a bit more 90s homage, even if abstractly.

Hamilton says of the album, “In the past I’ve felt compelled to write songs that are more optimistic than I’m actually feeling, as if I could make it true, as if everything in the past was significant or beautiful in a way, even if it was painful. But the truth is that not everything makes sense, and not every day of your life is an experience of clear cut emotional clarity,” says Hamilton. “I struggle with this compulsion to pull away from people, pull away from the things I enjoy doing, and sometimes literally picking up and moving away when I am feeling uneasy and anxious about my future in a given space, physical or mental. Social media these days can exacerbate that as well.”

The War On Drugs – Pain

The War on Drugs recently announced their forthcoming new album A Deeper Understanding will be released on August 25 via Atlantic.

Adam Granduciel worked on A Deeper Understanding with engineer Shawn Everett and his bandmates: bassist Dave Hartley, keyboarding Robbie Bennett, drummer Charlie Hall and multi-instrumentalists Anthony LaMarca and Jon Natchez. The group emphasized in a statement that this new album is a “band record.”

The group have already shared three tracks from the upcoming record, the stunning 11-minute long epic Thinking of a Place, the Springsteen-esque lead single Holding On, and the sprawling Strangest Thing. Now, they’re back this week with another instantly beautiful new track, titled Pain.

A Deeper Understanding is out August 25 on Atlantic. Pre-order here.