Blondes – KDM

New York City-based duo Blondes, aka Sam Haar and Zach Steinman, drop their forthcoming new record Warmth on August 11 via R&S Records.

A decade into their musical relationship, the duo continue to find inspiration through hardware instrumentation and improvisation. Haar and Steinmsan’s intense live performances on sound systems throughout Europe and US for 2013’s Swisher LP and beyond traversed nightclubs, festivals, art museums and DIY spaces serving to generate a wealth of material album to be distilled into this album.

Warmth finds them further stripping away extraneous elements, pushing their percussive framework to the forefront. The result is lysergic techno fused with Blondes’ characteristic synth-work and atmospherics.

After parting company with their previous label, the highly respected RVNG Intl. label, the duo find a natural home as part of R&S’s storied alumni as they explain:

“Having released on RVNG for years, we had wanted to move in the direction of releasing on a more dance music focused label. RVNG has established itself in the world of experimental music and reissuing overlooked records from the past, and we both (RVNG and Blondes) thought it would be immensely exciting for us to release this new record with R&S”. Pre-order here.

Madeline Kenney – Rita

Madeline Kenney‘s forthcoming debut album, Night Night At The First Landing, will be released on September 1 via Toro y Moi’s Company Records. Pre-order here.

Kenney began working on the record immediately after completing her first EP, 2016’s Signals. As with Signals, Company Records label head Chaz Bear (Toro Y Moi) was on hand as producer, but with Kenney as the arranger and key creative force, Night Night reveals more of the artist. Kenney wrote and arranged all the songs and tracked most of the instruments at home.

“No one’s a hero for just being strong,” Kenney sings on first single “Rita,” letting us know it’s about action and how that strength is utilized. It takes guts. The song bursts with an exhilarating guitar workout providing a clear-headed version of distorted bliss. Similarly euphoric is a math-y tapout on “Witching Hour.” Narratives of people and how those people affect others are surrounded by musical worlds of echo and propulsion. The melody through-line of “Always” is a transfixing piano part of royal heritage. “Big One” is a lyrical puzzle and a musical skip across happy times.

The album is unavoidably dreamy, dipping into sweet fuzz while usually sailing through smooth, crystalline production. The songs are about people, and though people sometimes disappoint, this record is meant to comfort. Fall into it and imagine the clouds scooping you up, or the changing tide’s ripples gliding you past a gentle moon’s new reflection.

Fort Romeau – Reasons

London-based producer Fort Romeau returns with a new self-released EP, titled Reasons, his first full solo release since last year’s Secrets & Lies EP.

Reasons marks Fort Romeau’s first full solo release since 2016’s Secrets & Lies EP on Live At Robert Johnson, having previously released records with Ghostly International, Running Back and his own Cin Cin imprint.

The title track sees the development of the producer’s interest in playing with the human voice, developing a harmonic and rhythmic hook which builds to a crescendo of wailing synths.

C.E.M is a focused dance floor workout built around syncopated sequences which ebb and flow creating a constantly evolving pattern of tension and release.

On the final track Satellite 2 a pair of beautiful duelling sequences unfurl giving a sense of weightlessness and provide the perfect epilogue to a record that marks the continuing evolution of the producer’s unique sound.

Fort Romeau’s Reasons EP is out now on vinyl, with the digital version set to drop on June 30. Order the 12” here.