Chad Valley – Up Again

Chad Valley is back with new material – a two-track single titled Up Again that paves the way for a full-length (his third) coming spring 2018. By design the songs are different, but together they present a cohesive statement. Up Again is floating and subtle, underpinned by tight drum sounds and showcasing Manuel’s signature falsetto, while LA in August rides calmly below, pensive, leaving room for his lower register.

Up Again is released in support of his back-to-back fall tours: first with Cascine labelmates Yumi Zouma, followed by a run with JR JR across North America.

Hugo Manuel, aka Chad Valley, has been busy in 2017, touring and finishing LP3 which is on track for spring despite some unfortunate setbacks. “Last year our van was broken into on tour and all of our gear, clothes, laptops — basically everything — was stolen,” said Manuel. “We managed to get back on our feet, borrowing gear and clothes to finish the tour, but I lost a lot of music that I was working on on the road. It set me back with the album writing by six months or so.”

Following this stroke of misfortune, Manuel persisted and returned to the music: “‘Up Again’ is a recreation of one of the songs I lost from that burglary,” he said. “Rebuilding a track from memory is really hard and usually demoralizing, but in this case it was revelatory and made me see the song in a new light. I wrote and recorded it in complete isolation in my studio through the night. These days I only work on music between 6pm and 6am, due to sharing my studio with an office. I think it shows in this new material — it’s definitely night-time music.”

Chad Valley’s new single Up Again is out today on Cascine.

Boys – Rabbits

Boys is the solo project of Stockholm based musician Nora Karlsson, originally from Umeå in the north of Sweden, and after over a year’s wait she’s back with new material in the shape of her new single Rabbits, the follow-up to last year’s acclaimed Love on Tour EP.

Rabbits is recorded and produced with Hannes Ferm and it’s a first taste of Boys’ upcoming debut LP which is due next spring, as well as her first studio recording.

Boys made its debut with the EP Kind of Hurt in the fall of 2015, a collection of home-recorded tracks that Nora recorded on her own outside of her work as the guitarist of Swedish psych pop act HOLY, and which were just too good to not be released. Soon she’d recorded a new EP and Love on Tour was released in May 2016.

During the same time she was alternating headline shows in her native Sweden with support slots to the likes of Fear of Men and Omni.

Since then it’s been quiet from Boys, but now Nora Karlsson is back with her strongest track yet, a first taste of what’s to come. Rabbits is being released digitally in early October as well as on split 7” vinyl together with Magic Potion’s Rest Yr Skull single on October 20 via PNKSLM Recordings.