Nicolas Jaar releases new album Pomegranates


Earlier this year, Nicolas Jaar released an alternate soundtrack to the 1969 film The Colour of Pomegranates, an Armenian film from director Sergei Parajanov. Today, Jaar has released a free download of the LP version of the soundtrack. Nicolas Jaar also included artwork and photos in the downloadable package, which you can grab for free here.

The Color of Pomegranates is a biography of the Armenian ashug Sayat-Nova (King of Song) that attempts to reveal the poet’s life visually and poetically rather than literally.

Jaar’s upcoming 12″, Nymphs III, arrives June 29 on Other People.

Daphni – Usha


Dan Snaith just dropped a new track under his dancefloor-leaning Daphni moniker, entitled Usha. The track’s a mash-up of Usha Uthup’s Main Gul Badan and Alex Israel’s Colugo. Get into it.

“I’m not claiming authorial input,” Snaith announced on Twitter. “Please support the original tracks / artists.”

Lightning Bug – Bobby


Lifted off their recently released debut full-length, Floaters, comes Bobby, the mesmerizing new track from the emerging New York outfit Lightning Bug.
Using elements of Krautrock, Shoegaze and Dream-Pop, the group have crafted an ambitious and immensely promising track seemingly effortlessly as they simply started out as a group of best friends who gradually started to throw some ideas together.

Aside from the fact they’ve rather impressively fused varied genres together, this songs coloured instrumentation, dreamlike vocals, off-kilter synths, reverb-soaked guitars and kaleidoscopic melodies should be enough to keep Bobby on your rotation for some time. Listen below.

Lightning Bug‘s debut full-length Floaters is available via the group’s Bandcamp.

March 2015 Mix


1. Tame Impala – Let It Happen
2. Grimes – Realti
3. Daughn Gibson – Shatter You Through
4. Skepta – Shutdown
5. Action Bronson – Baby Blue (Feat. Chance The Rapper)
6. Cuushe – Daze
7. Lower Dens – Ondine
8. Jaakko Eino Kalevi – Double Talk
9. Nosaj Thing – Cold Stares (ft. Chance The Rapper)
10. Jamie xx – Loud Places (feat. Romy)
11. Jamie xx – Girl
12. Pale Blue – The Math
13. Fort Romeau – All I Want
14. James Murphy – We Used To Dance