Swearin’ – Grow into a Ghost

Swearin’ are back with Grow into a Ghost, the infectious first single from their forthcoming full-length Fall Into the Sun (their first since 2013’s much-loved Surfing Strange), due October 5 on Merge Records.

Fall into the Sun​ is a record that doesn’t try to obscure the passage of time but instead embraces it. “Getting older, your tastes change, and what you want to do changes,” said drummer Jeff Bolt. Those changes, though subtle, are impactful, making ​Fall into the Sun ​what Allison Crutchfield calls “the adult Swearin’ album.” It can be seen in songs like ‘Big Change’, where she says goodbye to Philly and the scene that she came up in, or in ‘Dogpile’, where Kyle Gilbride offers the line any ageing punk can relate to: “By pure dumb luck I’ve gotten where I’m going.” Where Swearin’ used to pummel through their songs, on ​Fall into the Sun​, they bask in what this newfound openness offers.

Recorded in both Philly and Los Angeles, where Crutchfield now resides, ​Fall into the Sun​ took shape by the members giving their full trust to one another, and it can be seen in the final product.