Bicep – Rain

Bicep have dropped a new digital EP titled Rain this week on Ninja Tune. Get it here.

Bicep’s Rain EP comes backed by a new video for Rain – or, “video mulch”, in the words of director Luke Wyatt, AKA Torn Hawk. A producer, DJ and NTS host, his video uses old film footage, edited together and overlaid with glitching VHS and computer generated images. Snakes and mazes repeatedly crop up, nodding to a complex web of allusions which – including the concept of kundalini, whose roots are in eastern spiritualism – tie together the disparate source material composing the video. “As we ditch our snake legacy and find a way out of the maze, eureka moments fall down in a constant soft rain,” further explains Wyatt.

Rain is backed by a new track Helix, which pairs warm synth brushstrokes with terse, bleepy modular sequences. Helix also receives a vinyl release as the B side to the excellent Four Tet remix of Opal.