Video: NOIA – Carl Sagan Vs. Zeus

NOIA has released a beautifully eerie and darkly imaginative video for her hypnotic single Carl Sagan Vs. Zeus which appears on her debut EP, Habits.

The video follows the interactions between NOIA’s character and an ambiguous stranger who surfaces during her performance in an empty dim sum restaurant, and then later participates in a series of private moments at a hotel. The stranger’s mysterious identity heightens the tension: is it NOIA’s inner voyeur, her conscience, a lover, or even death itself?

For the video, NOIA worked with director Erin Vassilopoulos, who she met while working on the sound design for Erin’s narrative film, ‘Superior’. “Her aesthetic and narrative imaginarium were so powerful that we decided we didn’t need to stay so close to the lyric meaning of the song and make the video more free, make it like a little ‘thriller’ film,” shared Gisela Fulla-Silvestre (NOIA).

Vassilopoulos wanted to create a cinematic narrative that was open to interpretation, elaborating, “Daido Moriyama, the colors red and purple, a stormy night sky, David Lynch, and our dim sum location were some of our visual inspirations. Polly Nor’s drawings of women and devils were also an influence when we were brainstorming about the voyeur character in the video.”

The Habits EP is out now on Cascine.