Abattoir Blues – Blinded

Abattoir Blues have announced the release of their forthcoming EP Blinded, due on November 24 through Telharmonium, alongside a stream of the record’s title track.

Taking equal influence from the grizzly post-punk of The Fall and the dark atmospherics of the Nick Cave album from which they take their name, their swarm of sound engulfs the senses, while drawing on a social conscience reminiscent of punk’s early greats.

Overfamiliar with the motorways and service stations of Britain, Brighton post-punks Abattoir Blues are road dogs in the classic sense. These longtime friends – brought together through punk shows and shared beliefs – have piled into cars and vans on any given weekend of the last few years, bringing their incendiary live show to thousands up-and-down the country, making a mark through brawn and bruised bodies.

Sharing a seaside home and studio with fellow Brightonians The Magic Gang, the Abattoir Blues of today – vocalist Harry Waugh, guitarists George Boorman and Sam Pitman, and drummer Scott Kennedy – are a far cry from the beer-swigging, stage-smashing brutes of old.

“You should talk about those things if that’s what matters to you,” Harry states. “I feel like, more than ever, there’s a big apathy problem. People are so alienated by the way politics is and the way the world’s run that they switch off and disassociate from things.”
“It’s important to encourage people to engage,” agrees George, “we want to stimulate discussion.”