Fort Romeau – Reasons

London-based producer Fort Romeau returns with a new self-released EP, titled Reasons, his first full solo release since last year’s Secrets & Lies EP.

Reasons marks Fort Romeau’s first full solo release since 2016’s Secrets & Lies EP on Live At Robert Johnson, having previously released records with Ghostly International, Running Back and his own Cin Cin imprint.

The title track sees the development of the producer’s interest in playing with the human voice, developing a harmonic and rhythmic hook which builds to a crescendo of wailing synths.

C.E.M is a focused dance floor workout built around syncopated sequences which ebb and flow creating a constantly evolving pattern of tension and release.

On the final track Satellite 2 a pair of beautiful duelling sequences unfurl giving a sense of weightlessness and provide the perfect epilogue to a record that marks the continuing evolution of the producer’s unique sound.

Fort Romeau’s Reasons EP is out now on vinyl, with the digital version set to drop on June 30. Order the 12” here.