Video: The Japanese House – Saw You In A Dream

The Japanese House has unveiled the video for her new single Saw You In A Dream, released June 16 on Dirty Hit / Interscope Records.

Saw You In A Dream ushers in new, classic tones to her songwriting and is perhaps her most honest offering yet. Speaking about her inspiration behind the song, Amber explained: “It’s a very clear message: I didn’t want to drown my vocals in too many harmonies this time because the melody is quite strong on its own. Rather than to hide your sadness about your loss of someone, it’s a nice thing to be like ‘I miss them’. That’s why the vocals are quite present.”

The track itself has a relatively dark subject matter, yet the tone beneath the story brings shades of new light, favouring sun-dappled guitars and bright hues. This is reflected in the video, which is her most visually stunning to date and follows Amber through an ever evolving film set in a series of colourful, dream like sequences.