Nathan Fake – HoursDaysMonthsSeasons

Nathan Fake will release his fourth album Providence – his most personal and profoundly emotional work to date – on March 10 via Ninja Tune.

Crafted in the wake of a crippling two year spell of writer’s block during which he was unable to compose any music at all, the esteemed British producer describes the record “as a massive step up both in my career and in my life in general… it felt like I’d come alive again”.

Speaking about HoursDaysMonthsSeasons, the final single from the forthcoming album, Nathan says; “HoursDaysMonthsSeasons is a reference to the amount of time that kept passing that I hadn’t made music, or addressed problems and thoughts that I’d been having,” explains Nathan. “It’s about watching time slip away pointlessly, feeling a bit hopeless that you’re wasting your life… but it’s kind of a positive vibe too, the track builds up and has a bright ending, because there was an ending to feeling like that.”

Providence drops March 10 on Ninja Tune. Pre-order here.

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