Talaboman – The Night Land

Talaboman is the collaborative project composed of producers & DJs John Talabot and Axel Boman. On March 3, the group will release their debut full-length, The Night Land, on R&S Records.

Talaboman was first introduced to the world via John Talabot’s DJ-KICKS release on !K7 in 2013. From there, the duo went on to drop their debut Sideral EP on Talabot’s Hivern Discs label and Boman’s Studio Barnhus imprint. After taking some time to focus on their individual projects & touring, with Talabot releasing works on Young Turks and Permanent Vacation while Boman released with Hypercolour and Pampa, Talabot & Boman have come together again to offer a new 8-track LP as Talaboman on R&S.

The music on The Night Land is patient and warm, but also broad and diverse. Lead track Midnattssol opens with atmospheric tropical panoramas, colored by rhythmic stick hits and bell chimes. Safe Changes and Brutal Chugga-Chugga are hazy slow burners that crawl at a nonchalant pace, while tracks like Samsa and The Ghosts Hood are contrastingly more immediate and assertive.

Talaboman’s forthcoming debut The Night Land is out March 3 on R&S. Pre-order here.