Marie Davidson – Naive To The Bone


Canadian musician Marie Davidson recently released her third full-length album, Adieux Au Dancefloor, via the Montreal-based Cititrax imprint, an extension of Veronica Vasicka’s Minimal Wave.

Marie Davidson has emerged as one of the foremost electronic artists working in modern contemporary pop today. As a long-time member of Essaie Pas (DFA Records), Davidson has had the opportunity to hone her many talents. She has been participating in Montreal’s vibrant experimental community for much of her adult life.

With Adieux Au Dancefloor, Marie makes a slight departure from her last two releases, via Holodeck (2015) and Weyrd Son (2014), by creating her first fully dancefloor oriented piece of work.

Adieux Au Dancefloor is out now on Cititrax.