Froth – Passing Thing

Los Angeles-based group Froth will release their third studio-album Outside (briefly) on February 10 via Wichita Recordings.

Outside (briefly) is the third album by LA-based band Froth and their first album to be released on Wichita Recordings. The record follows their acclaimed album, Bleak, released on Burger Records in 2015. On Outside (briefly) the band continue to hone their own blend of 60s inspired surf rock, psychedelia, indie rock and shoegaze influences to produce their best record yet.

Following the release of Contact last year, Froth have returned this week with the riveting second single Passing Thing.

Outside (briefly) is out February 10 on Wichita. Pre-order here.

Video: Lowly – Prepare The Lake

Danish quintet Lowly are set to release their debut full-length studio-album Heba on February 10 via Bella Union.

Their new video for Prepare The Lake, follows the previously shared album tracks Word and Deer Eyes, with the forthcoming LP set to follow their 2016 EP, Sink Way Into Me.

The band elaborate on the track: “‘Prepare The Lake’ is the oldest of the tracks on the forthcoming album Heba. We’d been playing it for quite some time live before recording it and the form sort of grew out of us during concerts, so perhaps it has more of live feel to it than the other songs on the album.”

“The lyrics are inspired by Gertrude Stein’s poetry. She has a very intense way of giving words power because of their surprising or untraditional placement in a sentence. It gives them depth and color and you can almost look at each individual word as a small art installation. It’s not a song that you can say is about a specific subject but it still has something very personal about it. And because the words are so fragmented hopefully, people when they listen can draw their own conclusions to what it means to them.”

Heba is out February 10 on Bella Union. Pre-order here.

Video: Cass McCombs – I’m A Shoe

Directed by Rachael Pony CassellsCass McCombs‘ excellent new album Mangy Love is out now on ANTI-.

Cassells had this to say about the video in a press release: “Creation, destruction, boom, ghost. In the song ‘I’m a Shoe,’ Cass references the California boomtown / ghost town of Bodie, a town that rose to peak population in the late 1800’s gold rush. As people swarmed Bodie and scrambled to strike it rich, the town developed an unrivaled reputation for great violence, murder and a much feared figure – the ‘Bad Man of Bodie.’

“The video for ‘I’m a Shoe’ was filmed at the ghost town of Mare Island, Vallejo, California which in the chronology of California boomtown /ghost towns, directly follows the demise of Bodie. Bodie’s official end and Mare Island’s boom both came about to service the needs of World War II. The Roosevelt’s government’s War Production Board ordered the closure of Bodie’s gold mines in order to divert labor and equipment to the requirements of the war. Mare Island peaked at this time employing over 40,000 people building warships and submarines, it now sits in ruins. It is a very compelling ghost town with a strange discomforting atmosphere. How will this next uncertain chapter of US history unfold? What will be swarmed, extracted or built? What will be abandoned in the future for the vultures to inherit?”

Mozart’s Sister – Moment 2 Moment

Mozart’s Sister, the solo project of Montreal’s Caila Thompson-Hannant, has shared her new track Moment 2 Moment, from her forthcoming sophomore album Field of Love.

Her new album – Field of Love – is an explosion of glittering, celebratory pop. Intense, yet vulnerable, Field of Love marks a distinct growth in her artistry, and a departure from her critically-acclaimed 2014 debut, Being.

Speaking about her new song, Caila says; “Moment 2 Moment is about the powerful and fleeting feeling that happens at the beginning of a love affair. It is all consuming and tentative; you want it to stay and resolve at the same time. The song is a playful expression of young love aching to grow up.”

“I wrote Field of Love at a point when I truly did feel I was floating in a field of love. Once I got going the songwriting process happened very easily. As the songs came I realized: oh I really like these. There was a naivety to them and I felt like I could really cut loose when writing”.

Field of Love will be released February 17 on Arbutus Records. Pre-order here.

Cloud Nothings – Enter Entirely

After sharing the video for Internal World last week, Cloud Nothings are back today to share one more taste of their forthcoming album Life Without Sound before its release on January 27. New track Enter Entirely starts as a slow-burner before bursting into a classic Dylan Baldi chorus.

Dylan Baldi maintains simple, admirable standards in quality. “A thing I like to do with all of my records is drive around with them,” the 25-year-old Cloud Nothings frontman says. “In high school, I would listen to music for hours like that: just driving through the suburbs of Cleveland. And if it sounds good to me in that context and I can think of high school me listening to it and saying, ‘That’s okay,’ I feel good about the record. This is the one that’s felt best.”

In addition to the new single, Cloud Nothings will be embarking on a lengthy tour next week that will see them hit North America in January and February before heading to Europe in March.

Life Without Sound will be released on January 27 via Wichita Recordings. Pre-order here.

Ty Segall – Break A Guitar

Ty Segall will release his new self-titled album on January 27 through Drag City Records.

The forthcoming album will be his ninth solo effort to date, and follows last year’s Emotional Mugger and the debut record from his garage punk side-project GØGGS.

Break A Guitar is the second drop from his new album, a 180-degree spin from the acoustic pastoral of the previously-leaked Orange Color Queen, and a reminder that beyond all the tender beauty that he’s capable of, the rifftasm of Ty’s music vision is what drives him ever forward in shows everywhere and in the minds of listeners who dig the sounds.

Ty Segall is out January 27 on Drag City. Pre-order here.

Rodes Rollins – Wes Come Back

Emerging songwriter Rodes Rollins was born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Boulder, Colorado but now calls New York and Los Angeles her home. She also spent time living abroad in Buenos Aires, where a large part of the inspiration for her upcoming EP Young Adult was born.

Rodes Rollins first impressed listeners with her debut single Young & Thriving released late 2016. Produced by Alex Goose (Kevin Gates, Weezer), the song tells the tale of the fleeting nature of beauty and youth with Stella Mozgawa of Warpaint on drums.

Today she continues to weave emotive songwriting with spaghetti western undertones and psychedelic flair in her new single Wes Come Back about her first love. Drawing inspiration from Broken Bells and Ennio Morricone, Wes Come Back conveys imagery of a New Mexico desert campfire. Featuring drums by Matthew Compton of Electric Guest (also plays with Devendra Banhart & Rodrigo Amarante), the song tells the story of Wes, Rodes Rollins’ young love who endured a lot of hardship throughout his life.

“For a long time, during our adolescent years, our lives were very much intertwined,” Rodes Rollins says of Wes. “I think that’s why it’s so easy for me to write songs about him. There’s a lot of raw and real material for me to talk draw upon. I don’t feel that way about all of my songs. But when I write about him, I feel like I’m genuinely telling a story.”

Kelly Lee Owens – Anxi (ft. Jenny Hval)

Kelly Lee Owens announces her self-titled debut album, due March 24 via Smalltown Supersound, and shares lead single, Anxi featuring Jenny Hval.

It follows the release of her Oleic EP, released this past Autumn. An album that bridges the gaps between cavernous techno, spectral pop, and Krautrock’s mechanical pulse, Kelly Lee Owens brims with exploratory wonder, establishing a personal aesthetic that is as beguiling as it is thrillingly familiar.

Before starting work on the self-produced album, Owens, a 28-year old Londoner, turned her keen ear towards dance music after working in a record store with techno producer Daniel Avery. Her voice and contributions can be heard on Avery’s Drone Logic. Since then, she self-released two white label 12”s, with the Oleic EP to follow.

In addition to Avery, who has a co-write credit on Kelly Lee Owens’ ghostly Keep Walking, Jenny Hval also appears on the album’s lead single, Anxi. It’s a track that shifts from drifting tones and distant vocals to warm squelches and tunnel-vision club beats. “It has been my most freeing and open collaboration so far, and my first time working with a female,” Owens says of working with Hval. “It was a very powerful experience for me, I felt she brought something strange and quite beautiful.”

Kelly Lee Owens is out March 24 on Smalltown Supersound. Pre-order here.