LUCIANBLOMKAMP – Still No (feat. Trim)

Australian producer and multi-instrumentalist LUCIANBLOMKAMP this week reveals Still No (feat Trim), the second cut to be shared from his new album Sick of What I Don’t Understand, after first single Nothing. Sick of What I Don’t Understand will be released in three parts over the coming year, beginning with Part 1 on October 13 via Different Recordings.

Still No features vocals from veteran East London Grime MC Trim, who has previously collaborated with the likes of James Blake, Skream and Mark Prichard. Lucian says of the collaboration, “To me, Trim is the type of artist I strive to be. Not because of his influence over any particular style, but exactly because of that. He has a gift for disobeying the norms and never following up on expectations. He’s a complete wildcard and that’s what makes him. No matter the instrumental, no matter the genre, no matter what era during his long-lasting career, if Trim’s on the track, it’s a Trim track. So as you can tell I feel it’s an honour to have him be a part of my new release, and I hope to do his name justice.”

LUCIANBLOMKAMP’s third album Sick of What I Don’t Understand is themed around difficult transformations and self-realisation. Almost a commentary on itself, it’s a documenting of the processes Lucian went through to break out of his previous accomplished but limited incarnation to new levels of ambition and confidence he now shows as a musician.

Video: Visionist – No Idols

Visionist releases the video for new single No Idols, taken from his forthcoming album Value, out on October 20 via Big Dada. “For ‘No Idols’, I wanted to explore notions of the Idol and the Idoliser.” explains the producer “’No Idols’ considers the often crushing nature of worshipping another but also the consequences of holding oneself as an emblem.”

Directed by visual artist and photographer Teri Varhol, the video is built on imagery originally inspired by the songs title, which Varhol “then developed and expanded on” in close collaboration with Louis. “It utilises dream logic and symbolic imagery, so ultimately each viewer will have their own interpretation based on their own thoughts and allusions.” says Varhol. “For me it depicts a raw and intimate journey of self-discovery, travelling from rejection of mere idolatry through false beliefs and illusory egos, to discovery of the true self.” Pre-order here.

Project Pablo – Is It Dry?

Project Pablo will release his new 4-track EP titled Hope You’re Well via Ninja Tune‘s Technicolour imprint on October 20. The Canadian producer has built an impressive discography in recent years with a consistent stream of quality releases via labels such as Clone’s Royal Oak imprint, Spring Theory, and Lone’s Magicwire.

Channeling the big room sound along with the disparate influences of his upbringing, Hope You’re Well was written and recorded off-the-road at a studio in Montreal. “I focused on long form structures,” he explains. “Digital synthesis and clean, hi-fi production was the palette – I strayed from hooks and leaned towards intuitive melodies.” Pre-order here.

Video: METZ – Cellophane

METZ have release a new video for their recent single Cellophane. As described by director Shayne Ehman, the visual depicts a sphere where “consciousness is split, and a world of contrast unfolds. The resulting disembodiment disperses one’s spatial awareness and new kinds of empathy develop. Two become three, and it’s only half the story.”

METZ‘ new album Strange Peace is out now on Sub Pop.